Treasure Valley Epoxy Services

Our team of Treasure Valley epoxy flooring contractors has been chosen specifically for our services because of their care & attention during any flooring project. Your floors deserve to be handled by the best, and our team takes pride in delivering the floors that you not only want but that you deserve. Every project is treated equally, from the smallest residential garage to massive industrial warehouse floors. Your input influences our progress throughout the installation because our goal is your satisfaction.

on schedule

We know that your business, or home, running smoothly is a high priority. We promise to work efficiently, without cutting corners; that means we come in on time, we work smart, and deliver the great results you deserve! Our team won’t interrupt your normal operations beyond what is absolutely necessary. Floors exist to be walked on, and our goal is to get your floors in walking order in no time!

Strong, Long-Lasting Resources

Even the most attentive and skilled technicians won’t save a floor built with low-quality resins. Here at Pro Coatings, we buy high-quality resins to install high-quality floors. And without sacrificing our competitive prices for our services! A great resin will make the difference in getting you that truly strong, sleek, shiny, and durable floor that you deserve.

thorough care & high quality

Our team of veteran installers takes a lot of pride in the quality of our floors. We give your floors the care and attention that they deserve. Our service is transparent because, without your input, we can’t make the floor truly yours. You’ll know exactly what is going on in the process, when it’s going on, and how much it’ll cost! When you trust high-quality technicians, you get high-quality results that’ll last a lifetime.

Competitive Prices

We don’t believe in surprise fees, hidden costs, or any of that! We want you to know what you’re paying for, why you’re paying for it, and how much. Our final fee will have everything you need to know. We’re on your side, so our efficient installation practices don’t just help us reduce our resource and labor costs, they help you pay less for a better quality product! You deserve a stunning floor, without having to pay unreasonable rates.

We are certified epoxy installers

Beyond Epoxy: Polyurethane, Polyphatic, spray foam


Polyurethane is a type of waterproof material we use for coating the inside of truck bed liners. We use it to coat boats and RVs. Because of its durability and variety of uses, we like to use polyurethane to coat swimming pools and truck bed liners.

Granitex Baked-On Floor System

Speaking of strong resinous blends polyphatic is another resinous blend that we prefer to use for spaces that need high-impact resistance such as industrial floors. Without a doubt, we can give you a faux granite-looking finish, with high strength and durability due to its unique blend of UV and chemical resistant urethane with polyurea.

Spray Foam

A common form of insulation is a waterproof material, it is great for warehouses where you’ll need insulation, as well as any other building projects. It has a higher R-value than fiberglass, making it a better insulator.

Our Different Epoxy designs

From the most practical floor in an industrial warehouse to the creative vision for a showroom, our Treasure Valley epoxy services will fulfill your every need. With several different styles tailored for specific needs, you can get the floor you need for your space, unique to you. Our team of experienced installers is there to help find the best style of epoxy for you, and then install it just how you want it!

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Warehouses, Garages & Driveways across the country are getting epoxy floors installed more & more every year! Flake epoxy is a lightweight, ultra-practical flooring system. Flake is built on layered coats of strong epoxy resin, with a vinyl flake broadcast to guarantee the strength and shock absorption you need. You can even fully customize the colors in your flake epoxy floor, or mimic your favorite stone slab!

Quartz Epoxy Flooring

Quartz epoxy floors are designed to give you the high-traction flooring solution you need, without sacrificing any of epoxy’s visual appeal. Due to the silica sand broadcast and the layered coatings of epoxy resin, Quartz floors are super non-slip. Our team is ready to install the highest traction of any variation of epoxy floor, made to look how you want it. Commercial kitchens across the country are finding Quartz to be the best choice for their floors!

Solid Color Epoxy Flooring

For those looking for a simple, elegant solution to simple problems, solid color epoxy floors are designed for you. The strong inherent properties of epoxy, with all the potential of delivering a stunning pop of color to fulfill any creative vision, for any space! Your showroom, laboratory, and office floors will be as safe and clean as they are stunning and elegant.

Marble/Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy floors’ growth in popularity over the past years is unparalleled. This high-gloss, incredibly practical flooring solution will leave you stunned with its iconic look! It carries all of the same inherently strong properties of epoxy resin while delivering the most unique design on the market for you. And by unique, we mean truly one of a kind! Our installers use their own personal techniques in addition to your input on the colors, streaks, and waves so your floors will be one of a kind. They’re also perfect for recreating your favorite stone slab looks in any salon or office!

Popular, Protective Flooring Styles

epoxy garage flooring Tampa
Epoxy Garage Floors​

The classic, beautiful, durable flake epoxy floors are an incredible option for your garage, pool deck, patio, lanai, or driveway. We can customize your flake floors from color blends and patterns to the size of the flake. We can install a full broadcast, which means we cover the entire surface in flakes or we can do a partial broadcast which means we sprinkle the flake sparingly.

Custom Countertops

Epoxy will give you the same results no matter where you install it. Your countertops deserve to achieve the same strength as your floors, with the same design possibilities! Epoxy is the perfect alternative to stone slabs, which often come with costly installation costs, costly maintenance, and costly repairs. Epoxy can achieve the same look as your favorite stone slabs, within your budget! Epoxy’s sleek finish is also incredibly resistant to wear, durable, and easy to clean.

Polished Concrete

These floors are long-lasting and efficient, designed with safety and functionality in mind. As a matter of fact, there are countless ways to customize polished concrete floors, such as adding anti-slip aggregates, pigments, stains, stamps, and more. They produce minimal dust, making them a great fit for industrial areas. What’s more, in recent times residential homes have taken a huge liking to polished concrete because of its sleek and clean appearance, while being incredibly sturdy and sanitary.

Custom Metallic Epoxy Floors

If you’re looking for a solution that looks upscale and fulfills all of your creative and design desires, Metallic is one of your best options. There are no 2 metallic floors alike in the world, because of the techniques behind our application. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to metallic. We have a myriad of choices for you to customize colors, waves, streaks, veins, and anything you want for your floor!

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